Mixing Room

Console Euphonix CS3000, Digitally Controled Analog Console, Fully Automated

Pyramix DAWs

Lavry, Apogee, SSL convertors

ATC CM 150 ASL PRO main monitors, Proacs Studio 100 nearfieldsCrookwood

    C1 Monitor Controller

    Reverbs/Delays : Lexicon 300L, AMS’s, EMT, Lexicon SuperPrimeTime, Orban…

    Comp/EQs : Tubetech, API, Neumann, Neve, Summit, Millennia, AMEK, Empirical Labs,…

    DeSonoTonelux D-STAGE Remote Controlled Mic Preamp system, 32 channels with ADC (MADI Connection to Pyramix)

    Microphones : Schoeps, Neumann, AKG, Beyer, DPA…